StoneGate Reno Partners with CFA, Inc.

StoneGate Reno Partners with CFA, Inc.

StoneGate Reno plans to create a master planned community in Laughton Valley near Peavine Mountain. Through its partnership with CFA, Inc. StoneGate Reno is making the proper arrangements to ensure the best community is available to the citizens of Reno, NV.

CFA’s project list includes schools, parks, large master-planned communities, multi-family developments, commercial centers, industrial complexes, medical facilities, roadways, and utility infrastructure. They are responsible for consulting StoneGate Reno on planning, landscape architecture, civil engineering, hydrologic & hydraulic engineering, surveying and mapping. With their expertise, the staff of CFA, Inc. are doing everything thoroughly to prepare the master planned community near White Lake.

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If you have questions about the project or the homes proposed in Northern Reno, please visit the FAQs.

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