StoneGate Reno Partners with geosUAS

StoneGate Reno Partners with geosUAS

c5fe8fe51a8ad48544751eb2b148e74dNear Peavine Mountain on Laughton Valley in Reno, Nevada, StoneGate Reno plans to create a master planned community. By partnering with geosUAS, StoneGate Reno is making the proper arrangements to protect the neighboring environment and wetlands.

By providing StoneGate Reno with solutions to complex environmental problems, geosUAS is helping StoneGate Reno prepare for the protection and preservation of the watersheds within the natural beauty of Nevada. In Nevada, geosUAS provides many different skills to the area including wetland delineations, natural resource assessments and monitoring, remote sensing, and small unmanned aerial systems to evaluate, identify and develop mitigation strategies to avoid environmental impacts. StoneGate Reno’s plans includes a thorough look at the environmental impact of the community in order to preserve the beauty of the area.

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