StoneGate Reno Partners with Great Basin Consulting Group

StoneGate Reno Partners with Great Basin Consulting Group

untitledStoneGate Reno partnered with Great Basin Consulting Group for the creation of the master planned community set for Northwest Peavine Mountain on Laughton Valley in Reno, Nevada.

Great Basin Consulting Group, LLC.  is a cultural resource consulting business with nearly 40 years of experience in the Great Basin, California and the Northwest. Great Basin Consulting Group provides Cultural Resource Management Consulting services, using advanced technologies and consulting services to solve resource management and planning problems. The staff at Great Basin Consulting Group conducts archaeological inventory, monitors creates maps and performs special studies with the latest GPS, GIS and data management tools.

They provide consultation for historic and prehistoric archaeology, historic architecture, paleontology, and preparation of programmatic agreements. With their skills and involvement, StoneGate Reno is prepared to protect and preserve the ranching traditions of the historic Heinz Ranch on Laughton Valley.

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