StoneGate Reno Has Traffic Plans for Nevada

StoneGate Reno Has Traffic Plans for Nevada

StoneGate Reno TracksIf you live or have ever traveled out near Stead or North Valley or Northern Nevada, you may have been part of rush hour traffic. Along with water, traffic is very important for StoneGate Reno and the preparation of the master planned community.

What does StoneGate Reno plan to do about traffic?

StoneGate Reno’s primary access will be through the U.S. 395/Cold Springs interchange. StoneGate Reno collaborated with Traffic Works, LLC to create the master plan to include a 4-lane arterial roadway that runs through the property and connects to the interchange. This will help alleviate any congestion within the StoneGate Reno community. An extensive bike and pedestrian trail network has been integrated into the design of the planned community, which will provide trails, paths and designated walking/biking lanes for all levels of ridership. These will also be part of the 25 to 30 percent of the total acreage of common area/open space maintained and preserved for residents.

StoneGate Reno is currently pursuing future alternative mass transit opportunities, such as a light-rail system on an existing rail line that would connect StoneGate Reno to other residential areas, regional employment centers and Downtown Reno.

StoneGate Reno’s roadway plans will also include three emergency vehicle access points to ensure that residents have safe and convenient access into and out of the development.

All this information and more has been taken into account by StoneGate Reno and the team at Traffic Works, making traffic concerns and traffic planning a key component of the new master planned community in Northern Nevada.

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