Where is StoneGate located?
StoneGate is nestled in the pine trees and meadows of northwest Peavine Mountain. Situated 13 miles from the I-80 and U.S. 395 Spaghetti Bowl, StoneGate is located off of North Virginia Street, on the historic Heinz Ranch property.   

How many acres is StoneGate?
StoneGate encompasses ±1,737 acres of private land.

How much common area open space will be preserved in StoneGate?
When StoneGate is fully built, it will preserve and maintain 25 to 30 percent of its total acreage as common area/open space for its residents.

What is StoneGate’s plan for water use?
Water supply for the StoneGate development will be provided by the Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA).  A new transmission main will connect to a TMWA 24-inch water main at the intersection of Lemmon Dr. and North Virginia Street, south of U.S. 395. There are on-site springs which will supply water and improve water quality and increase groundwater infiltration.

How will StoneGate be re-using its water?
StoneGate is working collaboratively with Washoe County Utility Division on developing a reclaimed water system for use in irrigating the common areas, augmenting the water features throughout the community, as well as, potentially irrigating the front yards. 

What will StoneGate do to preserve wild plants and animals?
StoneGate’s use of Low Impact Development (LID) design standards include large open-space corridors that will provide connectivity to the U.S. Forest Service property. Many of these corridors also provide an opportunity for the native plant species to flourish and remain in their natural soils and growing conditions.  

How will traffic generated by the StoneGate community tie into U.S. 395?
StoneGate’s primary access will be through the U.S. 395/Cold Springs interchange.  The community will be designed with a 4-lane arterial roadway, that runs through the property and connects to the interchange.  An extensive bike and pedestrian trail network have been integrated into the design that will provide trails, paths and designated walking/biking lanes for all levels of ridership.

What are StoneGate’s future plans to minimize traffic congestion?
StoneGate is pursuing alternative mass transit opportunities, such as a light-rail system on an existing rail line that would connect StoneGate to other residential areas, regional employment centers, and Downtown Reno.

What is the timeline for development of StoneGate?
StoneGate is a 20-year, multi-phase master planned community.

What is StoneGate’s plan for emergency and fire access?
StoneGate has three emergency vehicle access points to ensure that residents have safe and convenient access into and out of the development.  

What is StoneGate prepared to do in case of a forest fire?
With three points of access into and out of the development and a new road network with fire hydrants, firefighters will have the ability to safely and quickly respond to a fire from any point on the property.  In addition, the site’s natural drainage features serve to create an outdoor amenity for the community and help to make water available throughout the development.  

How will StoneGate alleviate overcrowding in K-12 public schools?
StoneGate has zoning that allows for two nine-acre sites within the community, which will be suitable for elementary school use. StoneGate has an agreement with the Washoe County School District to donate the two nine-acre sites once the school district has determined the best time to construct. 

How many homes will StoneGate accommodate?
At the end of the 20 years, StoneGate will include 5,000 homes.

Will StoneGate manage landscaping for residents?
Each home’s front yard will reflect a common plan to reduce water usage, potentially utilize reclaimed water, and creatively blend the landscape with StoneGate’s natural environment.

What recreational opportunities will exist at StoneGate?
The project provides for over eight miles of an extensive trail network that connect to the adjacent U.S. Forest Service property. StoneGate’s 12-acre community center will combine a multi-purpose recreational building, neighborhood retail and accessible amenities such as a pool, fire pit, and amphitheater.  

What surrounds the StoneGate master-planned community?
The property is surrounded by mostly vacant land to the north, south, east and west. U.S. 395 and the Cold Springs residential community border the land to the north.  Forest Service lands abut the property on a portion of the east and south sides.  A small community of Unincorporated Washoe County single-family parcels is located along the northwestern corner.