Open Up Life


Branch out. There’s more to life. More people to meet. More sky. More mountains. More space. Enter through the gateway to a better quality of life where you can have open air, open floor plans and open conversations. Your journey starts here.

Live Here

Picturesquely nestled against Peavine Peak, StoneGate is literally and figuratively a breath of fresh air. From your home itself to what lies beyond its borders, there is nothing cookie-cutter about our master-planned community. A variety of new home opportunities will be presented by a select number of exceptional builders with home designs as unique as our community. All you have to do is open up your imagination to a better way of living.

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Build Here

Planned with the home builder in mind, StoneGate seeks to make the building experience as satisfying as the living experience. Expedient entitlements, fully-graded pads and a variety of landscapes allow builders to build, collaborate and push the boundaries. The end product: a new regional standard, excited buyers and fast-selling homes.

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